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This is a list of remarkable events that happened during DDraceNetwork lifetime. If you want to get a better overview, look at https://ddnet.tw/news/

Forris cheating Falling Down

Don't cheat on DDNet or you'll get caught, Forris
—deen, [Forum]

On Thu Jul 09, 2015 2:49 am, deen caught the player Forris uploading a fixed version of the map Falling Down, but he introduced a teleport tile which only he would know about allowing him to cheat the map[1].

Teeworlds on Steam released


DDNet Closing down


"The main reason for shutting down DDNet is that I’m finishing my studies and want to focus on other projects. The time needed and costs for keeping DDNet running are too high for me. I couldn’t bear to watch DDNet deteriorate in quality and no fitting maintainer could be found to keep DDNet running."

DDNet keeps running


DDNet will keep running with a new administration structure (east, DoNe and HMH), upcoming changes about race and DDrace maps, map testing and more to come!

Aoe vs hi_leute_gll drama



Milk white nails

On Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:58 am, the famous player 'milk' known for being on top of the points and ranks ladder for a really long time, uploaded a video where it showed his/her hands with white nails[2], this made people on the forum start thinking 'milk' was a girl.


Starkiller finishes DDNet!


With a race time of over 16 hours Starkiller finished the run_antibuguse map yesterday. Thus Starkiller is now the first player on DDNet in many years to have finished all maps and by doing so earned 23005 points. Congratulations!

In total Starkiller finished all maps in a time of 48 days and 10 hours, with the longest time being over 17 hours on Binary and the shortest being NUT_short_race6 with just 2.22 seconds.

N9mkOik caught botting


Yet again, we have exposed another botter among us: N9mkOik

Has been banned for 2 months and all of his top5 ranks between 01.01.2018 to 30.04.2018 have been deleted.

Hammer became a buffered weapon.


Hammer now buffers like Rifle, Grenade and Shotgun. When your tee is frozen and you get unfrozen for one tick you can just hold down shoot-button and it will hammer when before you had to do a frame perfect input (used before in deepfly)

Practice mode has been added


DDNet Released on Steam


After a short wait of 5 years we just released DDraceNetwork on Steam! Check it out!

Cor finishes DDNet!


Congratulations to Cor for finishing every single map on DDNet! His last finish was New Generation II 4 days ago with Aoe, coradax and @everyone