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Here you can find a collection of frequently asked questions.

Technical Questions

Where is the ddnet config, config directory or save directory?

  • On Windows you can simply press the windows key + R and type %appdata%/Teeworlds
  • On Linux it is in ~/.teeworlds
  • On macOS it is in ~/Library/Application Support/Teeworlds

Inside the settings_ddnet.cfg file will be your configurations/settings. The config directory can also be used as data directory to replace skins or other files, without modifying the client's data directory (note: it has the same directory structure as the data directory)

How to restore a lost save?

Inside the config directory there is a file called ddnet-saves.txt, it will contain the save codes.

My game skin, entities, autoexec or any other file was overwritten by an update, why?

During development we regularly replace, update, or remove files. The updater will overwrite any changes made to the data and binary directories. To make sure that your personal modifications don't get lost use the config directory instead, it has the same directory structure as the "data"-directory that comes with the client.

The game warns me about images, whos width or height are not divisible by #number, which causes visual bugs, what does it mean?

The game tries to give you and graphic designers the best experience. In order to archive that, it defines what the layout of its graphics should look like, so the artists can rely on consistency during their creative work.

For example: In Teeworlds the tile maps are small 16x16 images inside a bigger image. In order to render these tile maps correctly the game needs the image width and height to be divisible by 16, otherwise it can not determine where to split the tilemap into smaller tiles, else something called "texture bleeding" occurs, which is quite common in texture atlasses.

You can search the internet for more information about that.

Is there any documentation about the DDraceNetwork code?

You can find auto-generated docs from Doxygen here: https://wiki.ddnet.tw/docs/

There are also some blog posts that may help you.

Gameplay Related

What's weak and strong hook?

You can find information about this at the Hook page.