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Weapon: Pistol
Gameskin Pistol.png
Crosshair Pistol-crosshair.png
Fire Delay 120ms

The Pistol is one of the two always available weapons. It is a semi-automatic weapon and is mainly used for communication. It fires fast bullets (projectiles) that get pulled slightly down by gravity.

A projectile vanishes once it hits either another tee or a solid block. Contrary to the other weapons, the projectiles of the pistol do not affect any tees whatsoever.

Practical use

In some cases you will want to fire a weapon through the gap between two blocks. Since the gap is quite small, finding the right angle can be difficult.

Before using the weapon that you want to use, it can be useful to use the pistol to find the right angle. Slightly adjust the angle you fire in until the bullets pass through the gap. The high fire rate of the pistol can make this process quicker.

Main use

The pistol can be used pointer to:

  • Communicate parts to other tees
  • Direct the attention of other tees to something

Advanced behavior

  • Its projectile has no width, meaning it can pass through gaps between blocks
  • The projectile will disappear after a short time if it didn’t collide beforehand