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Benvingut a la Wiki oficial de DDraceNetwork.
8 editors actius (dels 60 registrats) estan mantenint actualment 34 articles i 92 imatges.

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Que és DDraceNetwork

DDraceNetwork (abreviat DDNet) és una versió activament mantinguda de DDRace, un mod del joc Teeworlds, que té unes mecàniques cooperatives úniques. Ajudat amb altres jugadors per completar mapes creats per la comunitat, pots jugar fins amb 64 jugadors i competir en contra els millors en tornejos internacionals, dissenya els teus propis mapes o crear el teu propi servidor. Els servidors oficials estan arreu del món i els rànquings i punts obtinguts als servidors oficials estan disponibles a tot el món!

L’última [Versions|versió]] actual de DDNet és 15.7

Ets lliure d’ajudar i contribuir a millorar aquesta wiki.

Si ets nou al joc, pots veure alguns tutorials que et poden ajudar a començar. També pots comprovar el nostre FAQ.


Terminologia comuna

Acrònims i terminologia que solen utilitzar els jugadors.


Fes clic a qualsevol icona per aprendre més.



Techniques are special moves that have been discovered by players through the past years. Maps will test your skills with them, and they get harder and more precise with each difficulty step. New ones are still being found, for example Aled.


The DDNet client has an editor which allows you to create maps.

A map is composed of various layers, some have gameplay functionality while other ones are purely decorative.

Maps on DDNet are categorized by various difficulties.

Find out more about mapping.


DDNet client has a multitude of commands and settings that can be bound to nearly any key or mouse button, you can find out more at the binds page.


The best place to get in touch with other members is in the Discord server. The forum can also be used, however it is much less active compared to the discord server.

If you want to submit your own DDNet map, go into the discord server and follow the instructions of the #info channel in 'Map Testing'.


This wiki contains a list of useful external resources. DDNet Trashmap is a particular famous one that allows you to create a temporary server to test maps, so you don't have to deal with opening ports.


Articles with information about DDNet history: