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Weapon: Hammer
Gameskin Hammer.png
Crosshair Hammer-crosshair.png
Fire Delay 120ms

The Hammer is a melee, semi-automatic weapon.

It is one of the 2 always accessible weapons, and it is probably the one you will be using the most.

Its main purpose is to unfreeze other tees and manipulate their movement.

When hitting another tee, the fire delay is 320ms.

General Information

As the only melee weapon, the hammer has a relatively short range.

Any tees hit by its generous hitbox will:

  • Get unfrozen.
  • Get pushed away from the hammering tee.

The range of the hammer allows you to just barely hit tees behind a 1 tile thick wall.

Wall hammer
Left Not moving Right
Without jump
With jump
Result Left Not moving Right Jump height
Without jumping 2#11 1#22 4#12 2#00
Jumping 2#23 1#28 5#03 5#22


When you hit another tee, it will immediately unfreeze them.

1 Tick Unfreeze

If the tee you are hammering is currently in a freeze tile, they will immediately become frozen again. However, just like when hit by the Laser Rifle, the tee will unfreeze for a brief moment in which they can:

  • Jump
  • Move (only very little)
  • Fire any weapon
  • Hook (however since the hook has a very slight travel time it is only able to reach a short distance and affect other tees, about 4 blocks; the hooked tee will only move a very short distance)

With any weapon, the briefly unfrozen tee can hold down the fire button to fire instantly upon being unfrozen by the hammer. Using this you can create chain reactions using the 1-tick-unfreeze.

Movement Using Hammer

On top of being unfrozen, the hit tee will get a good amount of speed. While there are a lot of tricks with the hammer alone, combining it with other utilities allows for many more tricks.

Hammer run

A video showing how hammer run works.

Combines running speed with the horizontal speed from the hammer.

  • The tee in the back initiates it by walking against the tee in the front
  • The one in the front can then also begin walking in the same direction
  • Now the tee in the back can hammer the one in front to give it speed

Hammer jump

Hammerjump combines jumping with the vertical speed from the hammer. It is essential that the hammer hit happens after that jump.

A video showing how hammer jump works.

Advanced behaviour

  • Although the Hammer is a semi-automatic weapon, it can be held down to shoot directly on unfreeze
  • Counterintuitively, the hammer will never cause downwards momentum, even when the hammering tee is on top of the other tee. It will only cause sideways and upwards momentum