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Terminology used by players.


A blocker is a player who intentionally fails or kills other people.

If you see someone blocking you can report him on the discord server in the #reports channel.

Blocker Servers

These are servers based on the DDNet mod where you can block freely.


Edging (or 'to edge') refers to the move of placing yourself on the edge of a block, where you are out of range of blocks like freeze, teleport or kill which are on top of the block you are on.

In race terminology, this is also referred to as 'buguse'.


This is a common term used by players to refer to the state where you can no longer progress on the map, be it because everyone is frozen, or you can't do a part alone and your partners are not in a place you can reach.

Failing in DDNet is pretty common, especially in harder map difficulties such as DDmaX, Oldschool, Moderate, Brutal and Insane since these maps have faily parts.

Faily part

We refer to this term for map parts where you can fail.


Example: "you flw?"

Asks you to follow onto another server.

Noob Filter

A solo part at the start of a cooperative map, that needs to be passed by everyone before they can start the map.


  • "dj" means double jump.
  • "flw" means follow.
  • "h" requests help, usually used in gores parts.
  • "hf" means hammer fly.
  • "hh" means hammer hit.
  • "re" means restart, to start the map from the beginning again.
  • "rf" means rocket fly.
  • "sg" means shotgun.