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Rocket fly is a hard fly technique for 2 tees, and is pretty much only used when one of them is deep-frozen (aka deep). It requires the grenade launcher and is a lot easier with strong hook. Doing the rocket fly consistently mostly comes down to feel.

Easier Variant: Using a Wall

With a wall at your disposal, you can use a much easier variant of the rocket fly:

  • Place the deep tee next to the wall
  • Jump on top of it
  • Aim down, a bit away from the wall
  • Repeating cycle:
    • Hook
    • Fire

General Principle

To initiate rocket fly, jump over the frozen tee and hook him below you.

To rocket fly to the right:

  • Try to stay on top of the other tee and slightly on the left side of it
  • Shoot the grenade whenever the other tee has just bumped into you (if you have weak hook, you might not bump properly)
  • Continuously hook the other tee, rehook only directly before firing
  • Aim downwards and a bit to the left
  • Repeating cycle:
    • Shoot a grenade
    • Adjust your position by moving a bit to the right yourself

To rocket fly to the left, do the same movements but mirrored. Each shot of the grenade launcher will propel you upwards and yourself as well as the other tee sideways.

Adjusting The Angle

How far you go upwards and to the side over time depends on the angle you shoot your rocket at.

When you aim further to the side, you will get launched stronger sideways. Note that you also have to adjust your position more.

The closer you are aiming straight down, the more height you will gain and the less you will have to adjust your position.

Losing Height While Rocket Flying

During vertical flight, it is hard not to gain height over time. Once you need to lose height, stay above the other tee and hook it occasionally to drop slowly (same technique as when losing height during hammer fly). To continue to rocket fly, hook the other tee towards you and start the cycle again.

Flying Upwards

To fly upwards using rocket fly, there are 2 ways:

  • Shoot the grenade alternating sides so that you move horizontally
  • Choose a side and find the perfect angle which boosts you upwards without moving you sideways, the frozen tee will be propelled to a side, but the hook will make it return, you may have to adjust your position a bit.

Switching Direction

Whether you are flying horizontally or vertically, you might need to switch your flight direction for one reason or another. To practice switching the direction mid-flight, first practice each direction individually and then try the switch. Switch by changing your position relative to the other tee while you are hooking it towards you, and changing the angle of your grenade launcher.